IPv4 Allocations and Routing for the Brisbane Mesh Wireless Group.

Node Name/Number Node Type Network/Mask Location Uplink(s) Routing Net/Mask
Nemesis Network Ellen Grove Pole
Pole Router Richlands Nemesis
M@trix Network Forest Lake Pole
MPAP-HQ Network Holland Park N/A N/A
Definition of 'Node Type':
   Network - More than one PC or device connected.
   Router - Node built of _any_ equipment used for the sole purpose of routing traffic.
   PC - Home or business node with one PC connected (generally these will have ipaddresses allocated by its uplink.
Allocation Scheme:
	10.200.x.x - West
	10.201.x.x - South
	10.202.x.x - Central Brisbane
	10.203.x.x - North
	10.204.x.x - Links to outside Networks
Some Routers will need an IP Address associated with their hostname, they will therefore get allocated a /32 where needed.

Note: The IPv6 allocations will be done elsewhere.... volunteers?

For additions please mail me at: spamtrap.brismesh.allocation@isux.com (Do not remove the spamtrap in the address)