CVS Access

Anonymous Read-Only access is available by the following method:
    $ cvs login
    Logging in to
    CVS password:
    $ cvs co <module>

<password> is anything (including blank)
<module> is one of the following....



This is the "news-client". This is the client that may be used as a CGI to display the remote news articles (or local)

Generally this is used as the Display part of the mnoGoSearch news search engine... (At least that's what it was designed for)


This is the "news-daemon". This is the server that will listen to a defined port and emulate a nntp news server.

This was designed to work in conjunction with a mysql database and the mnoGoSearch search engine.


This is the new Anti-Spam tool I am creating - it will be in the form of a standalone application that can be plugged into most of the major mailservers and allow rule based filtering and rejection.

Please NOTE: This is the SORBS project, and it is now hosted at Sourceforge. Details of the CVS access can be found at:


This is a patch to connect postfix 2.0.16 to Clam AV Antivirus software (using libclamav).

As the CVS server is offline indefinately, please download the patch from here: postfix-virus.diff.gz. It isn't particually pretty, but I am running it quite successfully on the iSux mailservers which received approximately one message per second during the busy times. There has been no noticable performance difference. The hardware is 1G Celeron, and 640M RAM.

Please Note: You need to use the latest ClamAV (devel tree) as there are known issues parsing mail using ClamAV v0.65.

For Postfix 2.1.5 users I have a modified patch which may be found here: postfix-2.1.5+ClamAV-0.80.patch.gz This version will require ClamAV v0.80.


This is a collection of "C" code for identifying SPAM senders and Target URLs. eg: url unescape code, and http://123544356/ converters, to convert URLs back to human readable forms.


This is just a collection of "C" code I found useful when setting up my CVS...

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