What you should know...

DOMAIN "buyers" I am not interested in selling, or, so unless you're going to offer something I have to consider (ie. more than US$300,000 for all three domains) stop bugging me, it's not for sale!

Spam is not tolerated and persons sending spam to this domain will be dealt by a number of methods.

  1. Where possible accounts and websites will be closed through anti spam AUP's
  2. Law enforcement agencies will be contacted for an array of misdemeanour offences.
  3. Any spam received to this domain will be sent into the SORBS DNS based block list. See: for details.
For those of you thinking you can get away with it, every effort is made to trace the companies/individuals behind the Spam.

Remember this: Spam is used to sell products, to work the receiver would buy the product, so to sell a product the company behind it must leave contact details.... You will be found.

Please note: Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.

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Mail to is provided for the robots and viruses that would like their own special listing in SORBS, don't use it if you want keep your accounts...